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Gerald Celente

PIONEER TREND STRATEGIST Gerald Celente is the Founder/Director of the Trends Research Institute and Publisher of the weekly Trends Journal magazine. He is the author of the highly acclaimed and best-selling books “Trend Tracking” and “Trends 2000” (Warner Books).

With a 43-year track record of identifying, tracking, and forecasting trends, Celente is world-renowned as today’s #1 Trend Forecaster. Celente has earned the reputation as a trusted name in trends for his many accurate forecasts; among them, the 1987 Stock Market crash, Dot com bust, “Gold Bull Run,” “Panic of ‘08,” the rise of organic foods, and the popularity of gourmet coffee long before Starbucks was a household name.

Celente, who developed the Globalnomic methodology to identify, track, forecast, and manage trends, is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology, or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is “Think for Yourself,” observes and analyzes current events forming future trends for what they are – not for how he wants them to be.

A true American Patriot, Celente owns three pre-Revolutionary stone buildings on the most historic corner in America, where the seeds of Democracy were sown, Colonial Kingston, New York’s first Capitol.

Self-described as a “Warrior for the Prince of Peace,” Gerald Celente is also the Founder “Occupy Peace & Freedom,” a not-for-profit movement to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights and restore Freedoms, and the Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice.

Mike ter Maat

Mike is a candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. In 2021-22, he campaigned as the LP candidate in the January special Congressional election in Florida’s District 20. Mike served as a police officer in Broward County from 2010 through 2021, including as a field training officer for several years, all as a registered Libertarian.

Mike’s prior career in finance and economics included work with commercial banks, the White House Office of Management and Budget and international & federal agencies. He advocated for free markets on behalf of the American Bankers Association for nine years before starting a professional education and consulting business for bank executives in 2002, which he ran until 2009.

Mike has traveled in thirty-five countries, taught economics at three universities and substituted at dozens of Broward public schools. He has one wife, two kids and two stepdaughters, two dogs and one truck, a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and MS and PhD degrees in Economics from The George Washington University

Scott Ritter

Scott is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and author of ‘Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union.’ He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, served in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991 to 1998 served as a chief weapons inspector with the UN in Iraq. Mr Ritter currently writes on issues pertaining to international security, military affairs, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as arms control and nonproliferation.

Jose Vega

Jose Vega, a staffer for the Sare for senate campaign and also a LaRouche activist since 2014. A proud Bronx resident who is fighting to show the better parts of humanity.

Ahmadou Diallo

President and founder of the Guinean American League of Friends for Freedom Leader, analyst for the Guinean community in New York and other US states.

Strong fighter for human rights both in the states and the Republic of Guinea west Africa.

Rev. Dr. Terri L. Strong

I am Rev. Dr. Terri L. Strong, a 62-year-old lifelong native Memphian. I am the youngest of 10 children born to Mr. and Mrs. James Strong. I am the mother of 2 sons, Andre’ Strong and Cameron Hayward. I graduated from Memphis State University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, from Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce Ohio with a Master of Divinity in 2011 and a Doctor of Ministry at Regent University in 2018.  

I am the author of six published publications, Seminary Dissertation-Developing A Prison Re-Entry and Disciple-Making Protocol for families in the West Tennessee Region of the Thirteenth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee, “Wee Wisdom”, Inspiration for Life’s Journey”, “Prison to Priesthood-A CO’s Perspective, Wisdom Personified, Lynching Lynchism-Its Time to Heal and What We Must Do and my newest book “Lil Wiz”. I am an Itinerant Elder and Pastor of Mt. Sinai AME Church in Arlington, TN. I am a retired Sergeant and Detective for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division.

I am the Chairwoman of the Action and Global Concerns Committee for the National Church Women United Organization. I am skilled in Preaching, Teaching, Soul-Winning, Making Disciples, Writing Sermons-Teachings-Books-Songs-Poetry, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Youth Advocacy, Music Director, Music Recording, Motivational Speaking, Multiple Topic Agenda Planning and Group Facilitation.

My hobbies are writing singing traveling ad gardening and civic engagement is being a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and Zeta Phi Beta organizations.

Aaron Day

Aaron R. Day brings nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and political activism to the discussion on peace and understanding. As CEO of several innovative companies in healthcare, blockchain, and clean technology, he has seen firsthand how policy impacts lives and livelihoods.

After his successful healthcare company was negatively affected by regulations in 2008, Mr. Day became actively involved in organizations advocating for individual liberty and free markets. He served as Chairman of the Free State Project and the Stark360 SuperPAC, supporting over 100 elected candidates in New Hampshire.

Mr. Day is also the author of the book “The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver and The People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs),” which examines threats to financial freedom.

Featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other outlets for his political views, Mr. Day remains committed to restoring integrity in government and reclaiming national sovereignty from globalist control. His presidential campaign focuses on empowering “We the People,” renewing America’s foundations, and reforming the political establishment. His top priorities are halting CBDCs, preventing World War 3, and ending the Federal Reserve through a citizen-led bank run into alternatives like cryptocurrency and precious metals.

With decades of real-world experience across business, technology, and policy, Mr. Day brings an important perspective on how principled leadership can overcome social divisions. He believes that by focusing on timeless values instead of partisan interests, America can unite around its founding ideals of liberty, justice, and opportunity for all.

Jude Elie

Jude Elie emanates from a prominent Haitian family who are all historically involved and dedicated to the betterment of their country. Jude vowed to work and improve the lives and conditions of his home country- and return to work on economic development. He feels there should be investment in the agricultural sector in Haiti, housing, and education.

Jude is a graduate of America’s second oldest engineering school, New York’s Polytechnic Institute of New York with a Masters in Science.  He also enjoys an undergraduate degree in engineering from Haiti G.O.C. University, and has completed a graduate engineering course in Florida’s (F.A.U.), and an Executive MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the State university of New York. Also, a PhD from Sorbon University, France.

With the mind of a humanity-centric engineer who always completed his mission, Jude has spent his life learning, designing, building, collaborating, supporting, and advocating for humanity.  His interests include infrastructure, housing, and workforce development, with a deep focus on community. Jude is a hard-working individual who demonstrates strength, honesty, good judgment, Jude is a dedicated, hardworking, and industrious individual who demonstrates strength, honesty, solid good judgment are his assets

Most recently Jude has worked with the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) as an administrative project manager, with additional engineering contributions to the NY Department of Transportation, the New York City Transit/MTA, the Long Island Railroad/MTA, ChevronTexaco, and the Peace Corp in Haiti. Jude has carefully evolved his emerging life, story and career for the opportunity he has long planned for – and which has finally been presented to him:  the opportunity to run for the office of President – and regeneration – of his beloved Haiti.

Jude’s is a savvy, strong, meticulous and globally backed ‘clean outsider’; someone with no vested interests except for making Haiti the greatest country it can be through pragmatic inclusive leadership. He brings the desire to unite the Haitian diaspora from all areas of the world- back to Haiti- to rebuild Haiti together to enjoy freedom and prosperity in Haiti.

In addition to his impressive education, Jude has developed world-class human and project management, and operational excellence skills that only the military, a government or a conglomerate could teach.  He initiated his diversified engineering, project management and contract administration career with Haiti-based TECINA SA in 1994 as a Project Engineer. TECINA is a well-recognized construction firm in Haiti’s largest city specializing in architecture, public works, and building both custom and prefab homes.  Once comfortable with knowledge gained, he then accepted a 7-year position with Chevron/Texaco, Haiti in 1997, first as a project coordinator, and thereafter advanced to the role of HES (Health, Environment, Safety) Manager for all of Haiti’s operations. His final advancement during this period still had him serving TexacoChevron, but also other companies, across Haiti, St. Maarten and the greater French Caribbean, as the Operations Excellence (OE) manager for Prologic until 2005.  

During this 2004-2005 period, with his future Presidential aspirations in mind, Jude began developing extensive relationships with various Private and NGO agencies serving the region, such as USAID, MINUSTAH and Peace Corps.  For several years he worked directly with the Peace Corps, project managing the renewal of their Haitian headquarters.  

Over the last 15 years, in addition to ongoing engineering and management contributions to the City and State of New York, Jude and his schedulers have also managed to find the time for him to participate in various philanthropic organizations.  This commitment reflects his belief that learning, sharing knowledge, and volunteering aid in the enrichment of both society and self.  

After Haiti’s devastating earthquake of 2010, Jude assessed his optimal potential contribution to Haiti and organized Urban Disaster Resilience Forum, promoting Global Solidarity for Capacity Building of Local Governments and Operators in Disaster Vulnerable Regions for Urban Resilience Haiti: Challenges of Metropolitan Recovery & Sustainable Development – an international workshop with global experts to lend their expertise and advice to renewing Haiti’s water system.  

Jude is also currently the president of Haitian Salesians of Don Bosco Past Pupils Worldwide; and a member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineering), NSBE (National Society of Black engineers), NASTT (North American Society for Trenchless Technology), W-SMART (Water Security Management Assessment Research and Technology), and Rotary Club International.  

Over the past five years, Jude’s passion for Haiti began to inspire outreach from various of her political parties. This growing outreach to Jude reflects the appreciation of both his status as a non-corrupt outsider, but also, his long-lived priority to serve the people of Haiti and to bring back the country’s pride.  Jude is always seeking both effective and mutually respectful team-based relationships with those whose values and mission are aligned.

As for his evolving diplomatic platform, Jude clearly recognizes that Haiti and her people need first class healthcare, education, infrastructure, clean potable water, reforestation and the evolution of fully sustainable Haitian-powered industries that can find a worthy role in the global economy.  All Haitians – not just the President – need first class security.  

 Jude is ready to lead the task of regenerating Haiti – and giving all Haitians the quality of life, abundance, safety and opportunity that they should have enjoyed with their hard-won freedom of 1804.  This will be a challenging task by all standards – particularly post the recent assassination of the sitting President.  But a fresh start is completely possible, with an honest, capable and tenacious leader and team player like Jude Elie.

Malcolm Burn

Malcolm Burn was born and raised in Deep River, Ontario, Canada. He is a Grammy Award-winning record producer and a recording artist with a long list of recording and production credits that includes Emmylou Harris, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan. Malcolm is the Host of “The Long Way Around,” a two-hour radio program heard weekly on Radio Kingston, WKNY 1490 AM and 107.9 FM in Kingston, N.Y. A fervent anti-war, human rights and peace activist, Malcolm has created a radio program with a lively mix of talk and music that offers a unique platform on U.S. terrestrial radio for many of today’s most important — and some of the most censored — anti-war/peace voices to be heard. His goal is to draw listeners to alternate views of the world around us that are not heard in the mainstream media. Former guest Professor Richard D. Wolff said: “I appreciate that there are programs like yours that have the courage to bring these kinds of conversations into the public sphere. This should be going on all over the country, all over the internet, all over radio and television, and everything. Because literally the future of the world and of this country depends on this.”

Garland Nixon

Garland Nixon is a veteran progressive radio and television talk show host. He served on the ACLU’s National Board of Directors from 2014 through 2021. He has worked in the media since 1998 appearing on local radio and television in Baltimore, Washington DC, and national television in New York. He has made numerous appearances on NPR. From 2010 through 2020 he made regular appearances as a Democratic strategist on the Fox News Channel and its subsidiaries.

Garland currently hosts weekly radio shows on WPFW 89.3 FM in Washington DC, KPFK 90.7 in Los Angeles, and 105.5 FM in Washington DC. Garland is known for his wit, positive energy, and unique perspective.

Diane Sare

Diane Sare is an independent candidate for US Senate in New York in 2024. She is a classically trained musician who worked as a political organizer with former presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche for 33 years. In 2022, she was the only independent candidate in the State of New York to successfully meet the 45,000-signature threshold for statewide independent candidates to place their name on the ballot in her campaign against Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer.

Muhammad Salim Akhtar

Muhammad Salim Akhtar

Muhammad Salim Akhtar has been the longtime National Director of the American Muslim Alliance and the American Muslim Task Force on Civil Rights and Elections. He lives in Chicago.

J.R. Heffelfinger

J.R. Heffelfinger is the director of the award winning film “8:15 Hiroshima: From Father to Daughter.” The film is a riveting first person account of the horrors of nuclear war, the resiliency of the human spirit and the power of love and forgiveness. Asahi Family Newspaper calls it “A Highly Artistic Work With a Prayer For Peace And a Message To Humankind.” The film was recently featured during the G7 Summit in Hiroshima and will begin airing on PBS stations across the United States starting August 6th.

J.R. Heffelfinger is the founder of Runaway Horses – his mission as an artist is to unveil hidden truths about the human condition, give voice to the voiceless and make the invisible, visible.

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